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Sweet Victory: Rittenhouse Totally Acquitted

Savor this victory, for rarely is one so sweet or so well-earned.

Moments ago, the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case announced its verdict: Not guilty on all counts.

The Globalist American Empire brought all its power to bear to obliterate Kyle Rittenhouse for the “crime” of protecting himself from a pedophile rapist, a violent psychopath, and an Antifa felon. They wanted to leave a smoldering crater where there was once a kind-hearted teenager, as a warning to any other do-gooders who might think about protecting their communities or themselves. What if other upstanding, moral, law-abiding Americans saw Rittenhouse as a model? What if they too began using legal self-defense against the freakshows and pedophiles and lumpenprole criminals who people the Antifa “movement” and act as the GAE’s ideological shock troops? Read more…

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