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Tale of Two Governors: DeSantis and Cuomo

The establishment media lavished praise on Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) throughout the coronavirus pandemic while simultaneously attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) despite data supporting the Florida governor’s pro-freedom approach to the pandemic.

New York, once the U.S. epicenter of the virus, fared far worse than Florida, reporting “some of the most deaths on earth, arguably the greatest level of economic devastation in America, and long, recurring lockdowns,” Marlow writes. And throughout it all, Cuomo continued to carry a flirtatious relationship with the press, presenting himself as having the situation under control, Marlow explains…

All the while, Florida continued to outperform blue states despite its absence of draconian lockdown orders and a sweeping mask mandate.

“DeSantis continues to be vindicated despite the media’s insistence that he had put the entire state in jeopardy,” Marlow adds, offering a barrage of headlines from the establishment media when Disney World in Orlando, Florida, reopened in June 2020. These included: “Disney World set to reopen despite severe out-break unfolding in Florida” from the Washington Post; “Disney World reopens as coronavirus cases spike in Florida” from CNN; and “Disney World Opens Its Gates, with Virus Numbers Rising” from the New York Times.

Virtually every establishment media outlet took the same angle, promoting the same narrative, positioning DeSantis as making irresponsible and dangerous decisions, writes Marlow. Read more…

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