Taxpayer Funded University Just Axed Useless Programs

Every once in a great while, the blind squirrel gets the nut.

And this week the University of Wisconsin-Superior is that blind squirrel.

As universities around the nation continue to expand their product offerings, er, um, curriculum with new programs like ‘Women’s Studies’ or ‘LGBT Studies’, UWis is tossing them to the rubbish bin.

This week the administration announced they’re axing at least nine undergraduate programs including “sociology, theater, art history, journalism and something called media studies.”

It’s amazing what happens when one bothers to apply free market principles to a system otherwise dominated by socialist ideology.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Officials at the University of Wisconsin-Superior announced the elimination of nine undergraduate majors, as well as 15 minors and one graduate program.

Sociology, theater, art history, journalism and something called media studies are among Wisconsin-Superior’s newly suspended academic majors, reports local ABC affiliate WDIO.

Political science and the specialty major of forensic chemistry are also getting the ax at the taxpayer-funded school.

Minor programs on the way out at Wisconsin-Superior include geography, photography, physics, earth science and global studies.

The school’s computer science minor is also facing elimination — but not the major.

Several of the eliminated majors and minors involve teaching (e.g. history teaching and psychology teaching).

The graduate program which will no longer exist is a master’s program in art therapy.

Only about 3 percent of the students at Wisconsin-Superior have declared majors in the 25 programs on the chopping block. Those students will be able to finish their degrees.

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