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Teacher Who Locked Child in Trunk Over Covid Now Charged

A Texas woman is facing charges of child endangerment after locking her 13-year old son in the trunk of a car, engaging in the child abuse as a form of coronavirus “quarantine” for the minor.

Cy-Fair ISD Police Department arrested Sarah Beam on Friday, with the Harris County District Attorney previously filing criminal charges against her.

Court documents describe Beam as pulling into a coronavirus testing center in northwest Harris County, where observers at the scene recounting hearing sounds within the trunk of her car. A young boy was found lying inside when Beam unlocked the test.

A witness at the scene refused to provide Beam a coronavirus test until the boy was freed from the trunk and placed in the back seat of the car, going on to call the police after the exchange. In interrogations with police, Beam went on to justify locking the boy in the test as a means to quarantine him, fearing she’d be infected with the coronavirus disease by her son. Read more…

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