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Teachers: Basic Math is “White Supremacy”

Manhattan Institute senior fellow and journalist Chris Rufo, who has revealed numerous cases of critical race theory teachings in institutions ranging from Disney to the City of Dallas, recently posted a link to a teacher who believes the mathematical equation 2+2=4 is “white supremacy.”

Rufo posts screenshots of Heather Theijsmeijer, a math coordinator and teacher in Ontario, Canada, whose post reads, “There are many math education practices that we (white folk) don’t see as racist or supremacist, because they are so ingrained in our background and experiences (and we have been the ones to benefit from them.)”

The graph Theijsmeijer posted breaks racist math down into two categories, “Overt White Supremacy” which includes using the n-word while doing math. The second is “Covert White Supremacy” which includes “2+2=4,” along with “Assuming math is neutral,” “Standardized testing,” and “Dismissing alternative algorithms.” Read more…

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