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Teens 6x More Likely to Suffer Vaxx Injuries Than Covid

A study has revealed that teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer heart problems from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine than ever being hospitalized for having the virus without receiving the jab.

The study led by Dr. Tracy Hoeg at the University of California discovered that boys aged 12 to 15 faced increased risk of a “cardiac adverse event” after getting stuck with the jab. This includes cardiac myocarditis, or heart inflammation, as well as chest pain.

Researchers found that the risk of boys aged 12 to 15 to experience these heart-related problems from the vaccine is 162.2 per million. The risk of boys of the same age to be hospitalized after contracting without the vaccine is only 26.7 per million. This makes them six times more likely to experience serious heart problems from getting the vaccine than ever needing hospitalization after not taking the vaccine. Read more…

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