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Texas Declares Independence on Immigration and Borders

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday that two more Mexican governors signed agreements to boost border security measures in exchange for a halt to increased vehicle inspections at ports of entry. The latest agreements bring the number to three Mexican states so far that have come forward and signed on to Abbott’s demands that Texas not bear the burden of illegal migration alone.

Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Alejandro Garcia Sepulveda was the first to sign an agreement with Abbott to ease the delays at its port of entry at Laredo, Texas on Wednesday. By Thursday evening, Chihuahua Gov. María Eugenia Campos Galván and Coahuila Gov. Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís had followed suit. Chihuahua’s major border crossing is at Ciudad Juarez, across the Rio Grande River from El Paso. Coahuila shares international bridges with Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas.

Inspections of all commercial vehicles will continue for trucks entering Texas from Tamaulipas. Tamaulipas shares border crossings in McAllen and in Brownsville, Texas. With Abbott’s success in getting Mexican governors of border states onboard, look for Tamaulipas to make a similar move. There is a meeting scheduled today with the governor of Tamaulipas who has reached out to Abbott. Read more…

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