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Texas Fathers Stand Up Against Child Mutilation

H.B. 1399, a bill that would ban chemical castration and radical transgender surgeries for children in the state of Texas, appeared stalled in the legislature last week, until Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller spoke to Tucker Carlson Friday night on his nightly Fox News program, and urged the Texas Republicans stalling the bill to act to protect children. Now, Jeff Younger, the father of 9-year-old James Younger, who has been embroiled in a fight over gender identity since the child was only two, is speaking out to urge Texas Republicans to act.

Younger went viral when he posted a video of his son, taken at only two years old, explaining that his mother, Younger’s ex wife, puts him in a dress, paints his nails, and tells him he is a girl. “My son just turned 9 yesterday, and I’ve been fighting it since then, so it’s been six solid years of education,” Younger explained. “I’m basically fighting every major institution in the government, and almost every professional body.”

“We’ve been able to get a bill to pass the Senate, which would outlaw sex change surgeries on children, which is being done in Texas, there’s hundreds of children that are in the pipeline right now,” Younger explained. “It would also ban chemical castration of children, which there are thousands of children in Texas right now who are actually on cross sex hormones.” Read more…

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