Texas Gov. Abbott Announces Proposals For Harsher Penalties to Those Involved in Riots

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was in Dallas Thursday to announce legislative proposals that give harsher penalties to people involved in riots, which includes mandatory jail time.

Speaking at the Dallas Police Association headquarters, Abbott proposed legislation that deters peaceful protests from becoming riots as residents continue to call for change, stemming from recent police shootings of Black residents.

The governor proposed that causing injury or destroying property during a riot would be considered a felony. Assaulting a law enforcement officer during riot would lead to a mandatory jail sentence of at least six months, according to Abbott’s proposal.

Protesters or rioters who block hospital entrances and exits would be charged with a felony under the new proposal.

Abbott also said the proposal includes making use of fireworks during a protest or riot a crime that could lead to jail, mentioning how fireworks can cause injuries and can sound like gunfire.

Lastly, the governor proposed making it a felony to aid riots through funds or assistance from organizations. Read more…

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