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Texas Gov. Schools Australian Complainer: ‘Go Back to Australia!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded firmly to a TikTok video posted by an Australian user named Mia Chloe, who expressed her disdain for what she considered an excessive display of American flags in the United States. Chloe, who often shares her travel experiences on her TikTok account @meanderwithmia, criticized the prevalence of American flags on houses, cars, and even couch cushions during her visit to the U.S.

Abbott’s response, posted on Twitter, encouraged Chloe to “Go back to Australia” and included eight American flag emojis. Chloe had mentioned that she had only seen an Australian flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and humorously remarked that she could likely draw the American flag from memory due to its ubiquitous presence.

In various other videos, Chloe voiced her dissatisfaction with American supermarkets, describing them as “a trap.” She recounted an experience at Walmart where she ended up shopping for four hours but only purchased three items. Additionally, she apologized to Midwest residents, particularly those in Kansas, describing the weather as unpredictable and labeling the state as “unlivable.”

Chloe’s observations drew the attention of Governor Abbott, who highlighted her commentary as a point of contention. The exchange between the TikTok user and the governor exemplifies a conservative perspective that values American symbols, such as the flag, as integral to national identity and patriotism. It also reflects a viewpoint that emphasizes self-reliance and responsibility in daily activities, such as shopping and dealing with varying weather conditions.

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