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Texas Governor Deploys Troops to Confront Border ‘Invasion’!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken bold steps to address what he has declared an “invasion” of illegal migrants at the southern border. Abbott’s decision to send Texas National Guard troops and other law enforcement agencies to the border reflects his commitment to protecting his state in the face of what he perceives as a crisis stemming from President Joe Biden’s policies.

In his announcement, Abbott emphasized that the “invasion” designation was a direct result of the Biden administration’s approach to border security. He asserted that Texas is actively deploying resources, including the Texas National Guard, Department of Public Safety, and local law enforcement, to fortify the border with measures such as building a border wall, installing razor wire, and marine barriers. Abbott’s goal is to deter and repel illegal migrants attempting to enter the United States.

The governor accused federal border agents of removing state-installed razor wire in Eagle Pass, potentially facilitating illegal border crossings. In response, Abbott swiftly deployed additional Texas National Guard troops to reinforce security measures and reinstall razor wire.

Abbott’s criticism of President Biden’s handling of the border situation is not new. In a letter dated November 16, 2022, he condemned Biden for what he sees as a failure to address the surge in illegal immigration. Abbott pointed out that the U.S.-Mexico border has been labeled the “deadliest land crossing” globally by the United Nations, and he stressed the severe consequences faced by Texans due to the influx of illegal migrants.

The governor cited disruptions in border communities, human trafficking, and the influx of deadly drugs like fentanyl as pressing concerns. His decision to take decisive action at the state level reflects his belief that border security is paramount to protect Texas residents and properties.

While Governor Abbott’s actions have drawn criticism from Democrats like Senator Roland Gutierrez, who labeled them “inhumane,” Abbott remains committed to addressing what he perceives as a crisis at the border and defending Texas against what he has characterized as an invasion of illegal immigrants.

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