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Texas Greenlights Child Abuse Probes Into Trans Predators

Texas can investigate giving transgender surgeries and drugs to minors as “child abuse” according to a ruling Friday from the state’s highest court.

The Texas Supreme Court lifted a lower court’s statewide injunction preventing the Department of Family and Protective Services’ (DFPS) from investigating parents for “child abuse” if their kids take transgender drugs or have genital mutilation or other transgender surgeries.

The court ruled that since neither Governor Greg Abbott nor Attorney General Ken Paxton could require DFPS to investigate the child abuse, plaintiffs could not argue that Gov. Abbott’s February order instructing DFPS to launch the investigations was an improperly created regulation. In Texas, the secretaries of departments are not bound to follow directives from the governor or attorney general.

“DFPS does not need permission from courts to investigate, but it needs permission from courts to take action on the basis of an investigation,” the majority opinion stated. “At that stage, before issuing orders, a court would have to decide whether the child abuse investigated and alleged by DFPS qualifies as such under Texas law.” Read more…

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