Texas Humiliates Pro-Election Fraud Dems

It’s a victory for Texas Republicans that was inevitable. The Texas House passed an election integrity bill after twelve hours of debate on Thursday. The Texas Democrat members tried to stop the House’s work on election reform and suffered national humiliation for their political stunt. The bill passed 79-37.

The election bill is being portrayed today as a voting restriction bill by the Democrat-controlled media. The bill passed on a mostly party-line vote, with opposition to the bill voiced by one Republican representative from San Antonio. Rep. Lyle Larson, a member of the House Elections Committee, described the bill as based on “a lot of political b.s.” from Donald Trump. The bill passed after 11:00 p.m. after debates on 60 amendments. Rep. Andrew Murr, the current bill’s author, said at the beginning of the day, “I do not believe that this bill suppresses votes,” and insisted it instead was designed to create “uniformity” across the state’s election laws. Read more…

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