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Texas Parents Rise Up Against Joe Biden

Texas parents concerned with the quality of their kids’ education made a strong showing in the Lone Star State’s board of education primary this week after some Republican newcomers unseated GOP incumbents whom voters did not think would set appropriate curriculum standards for the state’s 1,029 public school districts.

As the national culture war heightens, Texas parents frustrated with the rise of indoctrination in their children’s schools decided that the only way they would get a say in the matter was by running for the State Board of Education (SBOE). Suddenly, a race that is usually discounted as an insignificant down-ballot race by voters gained the attention of many Texans concerned about radical ideology in the state’s school systems.

Will Hickman, the incumbent conservative board member for District 6, solidified his spot as the Republican candidate in the general election after convincing voters that his track record voting against far-left climate rhetoric in Texas science curriculum and advocating against a series of radical gender ideology textbooks was worth another term. Read more…

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