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Texas Teacher Calls for Christians to “Get Covid and Die”

A Texas teacher recently got caught in what some may call a ‘hot-mic’ moment; middle school teacher Lisa Grimes was seen on camera wishing that conservative Christians would “get COVID and die.”

…“We have a political system that will not allow us to [inaudible] so we’re vaccinating like the flu, which is, you know, get the flu vaccine if you want but you can’t — don’t ‘tread on me,’” Grimes said in the video as another colleague talked over her… Grimes then aired her dirty laundry against people of faith who believe in preserving longstanding American traditions.

“That’s what’s frustrating. The rest of my life is impacted because of politics? Because of conservative Christian crap? I’m telling you, those conservative Christians, they need to die — they need to get COVID and die.“

Other adults involved in the conversation did not appear to object to the vitriolic statement. Read more…

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