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Texas to Biden: “Come and Take It”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) tore into Democrat President Joe Biden on June 29 for the latter’s obsession with violating the Second amendment, and rebuked Biden’s claims that “no one” needs an extended magazine by reminding viewers of the President’s remarks about using F-15 fighter jets and nuclear weapons domestically on the American people.

“The President of the United States actually said the other day that, in fact, that you’re not allowed to have a cannon, he said.,” Roy stated. “Well, you know what, in Texas, there was a moment when we had a cannon, and we looked at the Mexicans and we said, ‘Come And Take It, in 1835. And that is what I say to the President of the United States, come and take it, because it’s our Second Amendment rights, and we’re gonna defend ourselves.”

Roy continued, “And when he asks why we need twenty rounds of ammo, maybe it’s because he’s saying that he wants to come after the American people with F-15s and nuclear weapons. I yield back.” Read more…

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