Text Thread Reveals Delta Airlines Politically Targeted Ann Coulter

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter is not a short woman at six feet tall. So when she flies she routinely upgrades to seats with more leg room.

But when her seat was given away last week by Delta staff which forced her to take a smaller seat, she unloaded on Delta via Twitter.

And at first it looked a little like crying over spilled milk, especially after Delta publicly apologized.

But then it came to light that her seat was strategically given away by Delta staff who targeted her for being a conservative.

The details were revealed by a pro-Coulter employee who managed to get the guilty staff members to admit the targeting.

And now another airline has egg on its face for the misbehavior of its rogue employees.

Here’s more from BizPacReview…

Ann Coulter is not done with her social-media dragging of Delta Airlines.

Coulter unleashed a volcanic Twitter tirade last weekend after Delta bumped her from a pre-booked, pre-paid preferred seat with no explanation.

The 6-foot-tall blonde paid an extra $30 for a preferred seat to accommodate her long legs. Delta then gave the seat to another (shorter) woman while offering no explanation to a frustrated Coulter.

She’s now accusing the airline of targeting her because she’s a conservative. Coulter posted a screenshot of a conversation she claims was passed on to her by a Delta flight attendant claiming the airline intentionally refused to honor her preferred seat accommodation for political reasons.

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