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Thanksgiving Gas Prices to Break Records

Citizens traveling over Thanksgiving weekend are in for more pain at the pump in President Joe Biden’s (D) America.

In a report on Tuesday, GasBuddy said the “Projected average price of $3.68 on Thanksgiving Day will break record set 10 years ago.”

Citizens getting ready to travel for the holiday will reportedly experience gasoline prices at their “highest seasonal level ever for the weekend,” according to the fuel savings platform.

“The national average is projected to stand at $3.68 on Thanksgiving Day – nearly 30¢ higher than last year, and over 20¢ higher than the previous record of $3.44 set in 2012. But that won’t slow many down, with 20% more Americans planning to hit the road this year,” the report said, adding the number of people traveling over the weekend rose from 32 percent in 2021 to 38 percent. Read more…

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