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The Best Response to Christmas Worries

Christmas is nearly here, and with it the inestimable joy of being drawn so near a God who makes Himself small for us, asking only for our love in return.

And yet, all around we see this Great God – so loving and so easy to love – shamefully “spurned and rejected” even on His Own Birthday. Christ descends to us and is again met with shuttered churches and complacent flocks, a war on Christmas in nations once won for the Church, and all manner of previously unthinkable sins and crimes, seemingly more common everyday.

What can we do for Our Lord, so disregarded even on His Blessed Nativity? What gift can we offer Him in loving reparation? Along with reverent attendance at the Holy Mass, there’s one that surpasses all others: the Holy Rosary, especially prayed together as a family.

Many are aware of numerous (largely unheeded) appeals of the Church and Our Lady to take up the Rosary, but fewer know the special significant of the Rosary specifically when recited in the home. Read more…

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