The Biggest Number of the 2022 Midterm Elections is Right Here

Support for Democrats is sinking like a rock across all demographics. A recent NBC poll shows a 30-point shift among “Hispanics, no degree” toward the GOP since 2018, a finding that should be resonating across Democrat politics with earth-shaking urgency. It’s not.

Their response is not to review their policies or to rein in/cut loose the radical leftists who are pushing them into policies that the majority of all American voters reject. No, their response is to change their label from “progressive” to “populist” and to astroturf enthusiasm by paying people to sing their praises.

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic is unlikely to save them in the near-term (in November’s midterms) nor in the longer term as they look toward doing something about the drooling albatross in the White House and his unintelligent, cackling sidekick in 2024.

One of the original prognosticators of the “Demographics is Destiny” for Democrats, Ruy Teixeira, has been sounding the alarm for Democrats that they completely misplayed the hand he assessed back in 2002 when he predicted that shifting demographics, including massive illegal immigration, would result in a perpetual Democrat majority for decades to come. Read more…

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