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The Calamity Silently Wrecking America: Xanax

Addictions to drugs like Xanax are on the rise, yet the media has taken almost no notice.

“Imagine taking a pill that makes you instantly feel relaxed, and then imagine that when you stop taking it, you feel worse than when you first started.”

That’s how one user describes benzodiazepines, a psychoactive drug prescribed to treat insomnia, anxiety and seizures. But while “benzos” can have some short-term benefits, habitual use can cause long-term damage.

Another user writes that his benzodiazepine addiction was “harder to overcome than heroin.”

A young professional I interviewed said she’d never had addiction issues before trying benzodiazepines, which were prescribed by her doctor. “I was always averse to feeling addicted to any substance,” she explained, “yet this drug, I was told, was relatively harmless, and it provided such immediate gratification it was hard to stop once I had started.” Read more…

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