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The CDC Has Been Wrong This Whole Time

The last two years have certainly been a wild ride, haven’t they?

With the arrival of the Omicron variant, the institutions have finally pivoted towards an attitude of moving past COVID.

A new flavor of COVID “dissent” has emerged: people declaring that they’re “Done With COVID”—in February 2022, a YouGov poll found that about 4-in-10 vaccinated Americans say that we “need to learn to live with COVID”:

The COVID-mongers have seen the writing on the wall, and are ready for the panic to be “over” now that it has outlived its usefulness: the new narrative is that “the Science Has Changed,” even for committed propagandists. Take Leana Wen, who has spent the entire pandemic advocating measures as extreme as “banning the unvaccinated from leaving their homes”. Read more…

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