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The Coming GOP Fight Over Legal Immigration

“I’m against illegal immigration, but am all for legal immigration.” It’s the vacuous attempt at achieving Goldilocks political imaging akin to the GOP trope about being for all vaccines – including bad ones – but against mandates. However, specific facts matter in policy, and just like not all vaccines are good, not all levels of immigration at all times make sense. Watch for Republicans to use their pseudo johnny-come-lately tough act on illegal immigration 25 years too late to continue to push an increase in already record-high levels of legal immigration.

After years of record-high immigration, not only do Republicans have no plans to push reductions, but most of them want an increase in everything from family-based migration and low-skilled workers to high-skilled workers, the latter of which they define not as rocket science but as any computer, accounting, or nursing job they believe Americans are incapable of doing. The question that must finally be asked is: How much is too much? Read more…

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