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The Crisis At the Heart of Fauci, Biden, and the CDC

In March 2020 an exceptionally resourceful intensive care nurse in New Jersey recognized a crisis, rallied her colleagues together, and solved a problem. Olga Matievskaya at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center saw firsthand how the early wave of COVID-19 patients were infecting staff who did not have personal protective equipment (PPE). She started a GoFundMe page and raised $12,000 to buy masks, shoe covers, and jumpsuits to protect herself and her co-workers. But rather than thanking Olga for her quick thinking and promoting her to head of supply chain, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center suspended her without pay for “distributing unauthorized protective gear.” Never mind that Olga had won the international Daisy Award for extraordinary nursing and her critical care skills were needed more than ever. For Newark Beth Israel no PPE at all was apparently better than PPE bought by staff demonstrating more competence than its management.

A few months later the same managers who suspended Olga made mask-wearing mandatory and become the mask-wearing police. A year later administrators began firing people who refused a COVID-19 vaccine despite growing concerns about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the depths of mismanagement, incompetence, greed, and utter stupidity that pervades the American medical establishment – what I call Corporate Medicine. Yet Corporate Medicine, with the help of the Corporate Media, is trying to wave it away: “a one-in-a-lifetime event” and “we did the best we could… without us, it would’ve been so much worse.”

Before recent history is whitewashed, my purpose here is to explain that COVID-19 demonstrates how healthcare operates every day, not just during a pandemic. Read more…

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