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The CRT Fight is Turning Virginia Red

The politics of this one school district have big implications for political control of Virginia. And Republicans hope to leverage this issue to wrest away Democrats’ control of all three branches of state government. Last week, GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin even held a campaign rally in front of the Loudoun County school board building to decry critical race theory…

“I think it’s going to have potential for a significant influence on the election,” said Geary Higgins, chair of the 10th District of the Virginia Republican Committee, which includes Loudoun County. “If people continue to deny that this is happening, or try to say that teaching racism in our public schools is somehow a good thing, I don’t think Virginians are gonna vote for that.”

But Jon Tigges, a businessman and conservative activist based in Leesburg, the governing seat of Loudoun County, has his eye on a bigger prize.

“What happens in Loudoun is going to echo across the rest of the country,” Tigges said. “If we win the battle here, that’s going to echo everyplace else.” Read more…

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