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The Dem Civil War Over VP Harris Is Heating Up

The Democratic Party has found itself in a precarious position as its long-running internal civil war continues to spill out into the open.

For all the talk of GOP troubles regarding its presidential primary, Democrats find themselves stuck between a senile old man who may not be able to physically run, and the heir apparent, who just so happens to be one of the most unlikable, untalented politicians in history. That’s left party power brokers with basically one option: Continue to play “Weekend at Bernie’s” with Joe Biden no matter what the cost.

They can’t let Harris be the nominee, and they know it. That’s led to a lot of consternation being shared in the press about the vice president’s trouble. Now, some are trying to clean up that mess, and it’s not going well at all.

According to CNN, Harris is not even returning Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s calls at this point. Read more…

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