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The Dems Are Losing This Key Voting Bloc

The recipe for a red tsunami was there in 2022, but it never materialized. The Republican Party autopsy is due next year on why the GOP couldn’t establish significant electoral gains with the gale-force political winds at their backs. I’m sure candidate quality issues will be overemphasized over what appears to be gross incompetence and recalcitrance among the Republican leadership to assist their candidates in the critical stretches. However, the voter pool to wipe out Democrats in swing districts remains-the party just can’t put things on cruise control.

Democrats know they have a working-class voter issue but can’t address it since their base views these people as anathema. It’s partially due to the snobbish attitude liberal Americans have towards those who don’t act or think like them. They view this voter bloc, which numbers in the tens of millions, as uneducated country bumpkins. The lack of education disqualifies these people in their eyes. There’s also a racial component. Democrats won elections big when they got a healthy share of the white working-class vote-it was the backbone of the Democratic Party. Read more…

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