The FBI Goes Ablaze in Sex Abuse Scandals

Just as we shudder at the thought of a secret police preying upon children, most Americans rest comfortable in the faith that our own FBI would never commit such heinous acts against children. And if a bad apple within the FBI were to do so, we desperately want to believe that the agency would root out and expel the criminal with a public denunciation as a message to others tempted to abuse their power.

Yet, for five years, FBI Agent David Harris committed a rampage of sexual crimes against a string of victims, some of whom were young children.

On June 24, the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Special Victims Unit finally put a stop to his terrifying spree when it arrested him. Joining the arrest, the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General published a terse report admitting to the shocking facts. God bless the Louisiana state police who refused to be intimidated by the imprimatur of the FBI. Otherwise, Harris might still be marauding through vulnerable children.

These were not just teenage victims. Louisiana charged this FBI agent with “aggravated crimes against nature and indecent behavior with children under the age of 13.” What must it have been like for parents to learn that an FBI agent sexually violated their child? Did Harris’ FBI badge intimidate victims into silence? Read more…

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