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The FBI Now Widely Seen as “Biden’s Gestapo”

New polling commissioned by Rasmussen reveals that public trust in the Federal Bureau of Investigation has dropped considerably in recent years, with a narrow plurality of Americans now viewing the troubled agency unfavorably.

47% of Americans view the FBI unfavorably, with 46% viewing it favorably. The poll surveyed 1,000 Americans across the country, asking them if the viewed the FBI very favorably, favorably, unfavorably, or very unfavorably. The poll is one of the first to indicate that a plurality of Americans don’t trust the FBI, only a few percentage points away from a majority of the American people disapproving of a federal agency commissioned to enforce the federal laws purportedly in their interests.

64% of Republicans agreed with a statement regarding the agency by conservative political operative Roger Stone, in which the longtime Trump advisor accused the FBI of acting as “politicized thugs” and “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.” Read more…

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