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The House Anti-Woke Caucus Shares Its Membership List

The House Anti-Woke Caucus, a newly formed group that hopes to defund and expose wokeness throughout the federal government, shared its previously unpublished membership list with the Daily Caller.

The group will include 26 Republican members of Congress and is being led by Indiana Rep. Jim Banks. The caucus hopes to focus on offering amendments that defund and expose wokeness at federal agencies such as the NIH and the DOJ. Banks and the group believe that no piece of legislation that “spends taxpayer dollars on leftist activities should pass out of committee without a recorded vote on an amendment to defund wokeness.”

“The Anti-Woke Caucus’s goal is to root out all all far-left political programs from the federal government. Republicans must use our House majority to protect taxpayer’s from being forced to fund woke and divisive ideologies,” Banks told the Caller. Read more…

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