The Left Declares Global Climate Action Must Be Gender Equal

Global leftists are so drunk on political correctness they can’t see straight.

Because their insatiable fight against ‘global warming’ is so passe these days, they’ve decided that spicing it up a bit with some gender war theory might do the trick in reigniting the old flame (pun fully intended).

Now it’s not enough to inveigh against the evil excesses of the modern capitalist world.

One also must fight for the plight of women’s rights to be crusaders for Mother Gaia as well.

In a nutshell, if we should all be hugging trees together and screaming at the sky in outrage over the raping of the Earth, we should at least be equally represented in doing so, male and female.

That is, unless one ‘identifies’ as something else, in which case we should allow for an additional 26 categories of tree hugging as well.


Here’s more from The Guardian…

The women of the Marshall Islands and the Pacific have been fighting colonialism and injustice for a long time. They bore the brunt of the long-term effects of nuclear testing, and women leaders like Lijon Eknilang and Darlene Keju-Johnson brought these issues to the international stage.

For women, fighting for justice – including climate justice – can be downright dangerous. Last year was one of the deadliest for women fighting on the frontlines for human rights and environmental justice. Environmental defenders are being killed at the rate of almost four a week across the world, a staggering toll that disproportionately affects female activists and indigenous leaders. Among the most high-profile cases was Honduran indigenous Lenca leader Berta Cáceres, who was murdered in 2016. And for every woman like Cáceres who is killed, dozens of others are threatened with violence or destruction of their home or village or vital resources.

Yet despite this perilous landscape, where corporations and even the governments who are in their pocket threaten life itself, these women continue to stand up for freedom of expression and participation, for land rights and the rights of indigenous and rural communities. For sexual and reproductive health and rights, against harassment and gender-based discrimination. And for the right to preserve a safe, liveable environment for present and future generations.

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