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The Left is Right to Be Scared of This

Daniel Panneton, a sensationalist writer in The Atlantic, thinks he has just uncovered a vast “rad trad” Christian nationalist conspiracy centered on the Rosary. The hit piece, “How Extremist Gun Culture Is Trying to Co-Opt the Rosary,” tries to turn the august sacramental into an alt-right talisman.

By guilt of association, he claims the Rosary is entangled with an “absolutist gun culture” and “conspiratorial politics.” Any conservative activists praying the Rosary risk being accused of weaponizing it and thus are a danger to society.

Mr. Panneton could have saved himself much time and trouble if he had just researched the Rosary beyond the conspiratorial websites he trolled to put together his dramatic rant.

Catholics have never hidden the fact that the Rosary is a weapon in the fight against the forces of evil. For seven centuries, the Rosary has been a powerful weapon against the world, flesh and the devil. The present era is no exception to the rule. Indeed, it is needed now more than ever. Read more…

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