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The Left’s Counterattack on Roe

This past week has not been kind to the exoteric progressive Left’s agenda. In quick succession, lefties have seen the highest court in the land hand them losses on religious school funding, gun control, voter ID, the repeal of Roe v. Wade, and then school prayer (and they could potentially take another L later this week in the case of West Virginia v. EPA). The thing about this is that these losses are not merely symbolic – as important as that would be in and of itself for undermining the Left’s carefully cultivated image of inevitability. Instead, many of these cases revolved around issues of substantive law and legal doctrine that the Left thought it had gotten settled decades ago, but which is now very much unsettled. As a result, the carefully constructed legal superstructure that progressivism had used the courts to build is being undermined.

As the demonstrations around the country this past week and various wild-eyed pronouncements from prominent lefties on social media and in the news have indicated, they’ve not been taking these reverses very well. Indeed, the level of insanity being displayed in some circles is absolutely mindboggling, especially as a result of the Roe v. Wade repeal. You’ve got lefties bombing crisis pregnancy clinics, talking about sterilising themselves and their kids, threatening sex strikes, and publicly humiliating their own children. Read more…

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