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The Media Just Destroyed Its Own Narrative About the Texas Mall Shooter

The shooting in Allen, Texas, over the weekend is horrific. Eight people are dead, with the victims’ ages ranging from 5 to 61. The images are gruesome; way too shocking to post here. You can search on your own time but be warned—they’re ghastly. The weapon was reportedly an AR-15 rifle, so you can hear the liberal media licking their chops over this attack.

And then, the shooter was identified as Mauricio Garcia, a nonwhite white supremacist, which is a narrative that should embarrass the establishment press. It’s just not factual. In no way whatsoever can a nonwhite person be a Nazi. Those folks are pretty rigid in their racial classification for membership. But that’s not what is peculiar about this development. It’s how the media exposed this narrative as fraudulent with their own text.

Twitchy had it first. There is a graphic video of the shooter dead on the ground, decked out in tactical gear, covered in blood, and there’s a rifle next to him. Read more…

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