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The Media Lied to Cover for This Atrocity

Boston Children’s Hospital doesn’t want the public to know just how young their patients seeking “gender affirming” treatment are. Their application forms for genital surgery state that biological boys seeking “vaginoplasty” must be 17, biological girls seeking hysterectomy and phalloplasty 18, and girls seeking “chest reconstruction,” or double mastectomies of healthy breasts, must be 15, though there’s wiggle room if the request has parental approval.

Yet when The Post Millennial reported on this, along with many Twitter accounts, Boston Children’s balked. The response to Boston Children’s Hospital’s apparent promotion of medicalized gender transition for minors, along with genital surgeries for young adults, was shocking to many.

NBC reported how dangerous they felt it was to Boston Children’s Hospital for the public to become aware of their advocacy of facilitating transitions of children, teens and young adults, through drugs and surgeries, and stated that employees there are reeling after “false claims” about the hospital’s “treatment of young transgender people.”

The Post Millennial reported that Boston Children’s Hospital allowed vaginoplasties on 17-year-old males, phalloplasties on 18-year-old females, and double mastectomies for 15-year-olds. The hospital also gives young teens puberty blockers. This is clear per their eligibility requirements, found on their website. Read more…

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