The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for Pelosi’s Democrats

House Democrats are re-electing their entire leadership, despite the most embarrassing showing by their party in House races since at least 2010.

In short, they took a “shell-ack-in.”

With just a few races uncalled (and Republicans leading in 4 of 5 contests), Democrats have lost nine seats. What makes those losses doubly painful was explained by Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report:

The Iowa race for District 2 features Republican Marianette Meeks-Miller against Democrat Rita Hart. With nearly 400,000 votes cast, Miller-Meeks leads by just 47 votes in this Democratic district.

Two other close races in California may give Republicans a couple more pickups, and with the slow-as-molasses ballot-counting in New York, it appears that at least one Republican may prevail there.

The potential to pick up 12 seats in a year where a Republican incumbent president lost is just about unheard of. Read more…

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