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The Revelation Ripping Through Biden’s FBI

Late last year, a forensic firearms analyst in Wisconsin emailed a remarkable document to more than 200 of her colleagues across the country. It was a handout from an online lecture given by Jim Agar, the assistant general counsel for the FBI Crime Lab.

For years, forensic firearms analysts have claimed the ability to examine the marks on a bullet found at a crime scene and match it to the gun that fired it—to the exclusion of all other guns. It can be powerfully persuasive to juries. But over the last decade or so, some scientists have cast doubt on the claim.

Forensic firearms analysis falls into a subcategory of forensics colloquially known as “pattern matching.” In these specialties, an analyst looks at a piece of evidence from a crime scene and compares it with a piece of evidence associated with a suspect…

In 2015, the agency was forced to cop to an even bigger scandal: For decades, its analysts had claimed an ability to match hair and carpet fibers that just isn’t scientifically feasible. One review found FBI analysts had made statements unsupported by science in 95 percent of the cases in which they testified. Read more…

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