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The Sick Truth Behind the New York Times

Matthew Rosenberg has been one of The New York Times’ leading reporters on January 6 and its aftermath. On the one-year anniversary of the Capitol incursion, he was co-author of an article titled “The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 Was No Big Deal, or a Left-Wing Plot.”

But it turns out that for Rosenberg, it was all fake, a bogus narrative pushed by his neurotic colleagues and pushed onto a credulous public. That was confirmed by the latest scoop from Project Veritas:

Rosenberg also acknowledged that, just as Revolver first argued a year ago, there were “a ton of FBI informants” among the Capitol intruders.

Dunking on Rosenberg’s embarrassing dishonesty is fun, of course. But the story here isn’t just about Times reporters writing stories they don’t believe. This story is also about the decay inside the Times. Read more…

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