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The Smart Democrats Suddenly Speak Up on Gas Prices…

A group of House Democrats proposed a bill last Thursday that would send energy rebate stimulus checks to American consumers amid the global energy crisis.

Under the so-called Gas Rebate Act, consumers would receive $100 per month, and another $100 for each dependent, throughout the remainder of 2022 for any month where the national price of gasoline is above $4 a gallon, according to Democratic California Rep. Mike Thompson, who sponsored the bill alongside fellow Reps. John Larson and Lauren Underwood.

The rebate would be phased out for single filers who earn more than $75,000 per year and joint filers who make more than $150,000.

“The Putin Price Hike is putting strain on our economy, and I am proud to be working with Reps. Larson and Underwood to introduce this legislation to provide middle-class Americans with monthly payments to ease the financial burden of this global crises,” Thompson said in a statement Wednesday. Read more…

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