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The Trucker Convoy Just Won an Amazing Victory

A patriot has started a GiveSendGo campaign to support the truckers who are currently occupying the Ambassador Bridge on the border of Detroit, Mich. and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The patriot, Holly Spalding of Milford, Mich., wants to give the truckers supplies in order to facilitate their heroic protest for freedom. Gary’s Catering of Wixom, Mich. has generously offered to provide food and beverage to the truckers as they revolt against the satanic globalist technocracy.

“Time for the USA to support truckers standing up for our FREEDOMS! Gary’s Catering is willing to send their trucks to the Ambassador Bridge and Sarnia to feed the truckers. We need to pay for the food so that truckers get a free meal. I will be working with Gary’s Catering to keep food going to them daily. Let’s get this rolling! Please, go and support these truckers if you are in the area,” Spalding wrote on the GiveSendGo portal. Read more…

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