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The Trucker Convoy’s Shocking Declaration

Overnight, truckers with the Freedom Convoy who have gathered in Coutts, Alberta near the border with Montana managed to refuel and re-supply as supporters continued to contribute to keep the protests going even as the RCMP continue to surround them in a blockade that has disrupted commerce – something the government has tried to blame on the truckers.

But back in Ottawa, where hundreds of protesters remain camped out after this weekend’s Freedom Rally at the seat of Canadian government, locals – and local officials (who have already tried to seize money raised for the truckers on GoFundMe) are growing increasingly anxious, since organizers expect the number of supporters in Ottawa to swell in the coming days as the weekend arrives and with it, another wave of protests.

The movement’s organizers have pledged not to relent until the Canadian government drops some of its more draconian policies, including a quarantine requirement that essentially would make life impossible for unvaccinated truckers. Read more…

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