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The Trump v. DeSantis Rivalry is Seriously Heating Up

President Donald Trump has reportedly become critical of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in conversations with his inner circle, a potential sign that the Trump views the popular conservative governor as a potential primary challenger in a tentative 2024 presidential campaign.

Axios reported on Sunday that Trump has taken to describing DeSantis as a “dull personality,” expressing his willingness to compete with the governor of his home state in a 2024 GOP primary. Trump has increasingly recognized DeSantis as a potential competitor on account of his refusal to rule out a 2024 campaign…

Vaccine politics have arisen as a potential point of contention between the two men, with Trump… proven more enthusiastic about defending the safety and efficacy of the medicine, which is unpopular with some elements of the Republican base.

Trump has openly said he envisions beating DeSantis in the event of a 2024 primary challenge, in which the Florida governor would seek to outflank the former President on the basis of coronavirus policies and potentially his own comparative youth. Read more…

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