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The Truth Behind the Immigration Drama in Martha’s Vineyard

We might as well be blunt about it: flying a few dozen Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard isn’t going to save America. But it does show how America really works…

And that, probably, is where the story will end. This is a stunt. While it is deeply entertaining to see liberal elites go into hypocritical hysterics, the truth is that sending more migrants will be difficult or impossible. And, in the end, fifty migrants is a drop in the ocean. About 2.1 million illegal immigrants will be detained by the Border Patrol in the 2021-22 fiscal year. The fifty people shipped to Martha’s Vineyard are the equivalent of just twelve minutes’ worth of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Still, the Martha’s Vineyard hoopla, and especially the elite left’s response to it, underscores the dark and existential truth that modern mass migration is no mere symbol. It is a powerful weapon used for the permanent transformation, destruction, desolation, and conquest of enemy cities, enemy cultures, and enemy nations. And more importantly, now everybody knows it.

It is worth observing that all the normal saccharine rhetoric about immigration and diversity was totally absent from the spat over the Martha’s Vineyard migrants. There is absolutely no conceit about the migrants “enriching” their community, redeeming them through “vibrancy” or diversity. Instead, the migrants are universally recognized as useless, a burden for whatever town is afflicted with them. One may engage in virtue signaling by making a show of “welcoming” them, but nobody wants them hanging around permanently. Already, the first migrant given an in-depth profile by The New York Times appears to have been a drug dealer in his home country. Read more…

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