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The Woke Mob Comes for Common Sense in Colleges

University of Pennsylvania Law School Dean Theodore Ruger wants to severely punish Amy Wax for daring to speak out against affirmative action. Ruger specifically called for “major sanctions” against Wax.

The University of Pennsylvania Law School recently requested Penn’s faculty senate to start the process of sanctioning Waxx. Some of these punitive measures include firing Wax for allegedly “intentional and incessant racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic actions and statements.”

Law school dean Ted Ruger sent a letter to Penn’s faculty senate chair on June 23 asking for the organization of a hearing board to determine Wax’s future at the university.

Ruger blames Wax for causing “harm” towards Penn’s faculty, staff, and students. The dean asserted that Wax’s statements have caused faculty and students “to reasonably believe they will be subjected to discriminatory animus if they come into contact with her.” Read more…

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