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There’s Big Bucks Behind This Leftist Sacred Cow

Several big companies have called on the Supreme Court to validate the use of anti-white college admissions policies. The corporate titans argued that more diversity in universities nationwide will lead to heightened economic innovation and business prowess…

Among the signatories of the amicus brief “major American business enterprises,” were high-profile companies such as Apple, Google General Motors, American Airlines Group, and Lyft. The brief alluded to reports published by which consisted of the Academy of Management Journal, Corporate Governance, and the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting to justify its call for passing affirmative action.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “Other companies joined separate briefs supporting the colleges.” In addition, WSJ called attention to how “No businesses filed briefs opposed to the university policies.”

In the next term, the Supreme Court is expected to take on separate cases challenging race-based admissions practices at the University of North Carolina and Harvard College. Read more…

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