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These 18 Republican Senators Voted for the Omnibus

Many Republicans railed against the recklessness of the process and gargantuan level of spending. The bill was 4,115 pages, meaning no one could have possibly read it.

As Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul complained earlier in the week:

Still the bill passed with a large bipartisan majority, 68-29. All Democrats voted for it. So did 18 Republicans. Here they are:

BASEDPolitics’ Brad Polumbo explained at Newsweek recently the madness of even thinking about supporting this spending bill, “Congress is spending $1.7 trillion of our money without most members of the House even fully reading the bill they’re voting on. The legislation is an astounding 4,155 pages and was released by leadership only hours before the first round of voting began. As Congressman Dan Bishop explains, to have read the bill by the time the Senate voted to begin debate, ‘you would’ve needed to read 4+ pages per minute, without a single break, for 16 hours straight.” Read more…

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