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These Three States Take Bold Action Against Leftist Voter Fraud

Missouri, Florida, and West Virginia announced their withdrawal from the Electronic Registration Information Center, an interstate alliance controlled by Democrat operatives that encourages partisan outreach efforts under the guise of simple voter roll maintenance, on Monday.

As previously reported by The Federalist, ERIC is a voter roll management organization used by nearly 30 states and the District of Columbia to ostensibly “clean” state voter rolls by removing dead or duplicate registrants. But as noted by government watchdog VerityVote, ERIC doesn’t help states clean their rolls. Rather, it helps inflate them by requiring states to sent get-out-the-vote (GOTV) mailers to unregistered (and likely Democrat-leaning) residents.

Additionally, ERIC has politically compromised ties. Far-left political activist David Becker started the organization, and still maintains control as a “nonvoting” member of its board. Read more…

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