They Don’t Make Generals Like They Used To

As much as Revolver admires President Trump’s work on behalf of this country, he was not perfect, and his greatest mistake was probably the enormous deference he gave generals as a matter of course.

It was an understandable mistake, though. When Donald Trump was a boy, America had never lost a single war. The country’s World War 2 commanders were living legends who in less than four years built the U.S. military into the mightiest fighting force to ever exist and crushed powerful foes on the far side of two vast oceans.

Sadly, the generals of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are for the most part not as venerable as their forebears. America has a great military history filled with incredibly gifted men, and the shadow they cast today only exposes the humiliating depths the U.S. military command has fallen to today. To emphasize this important contrast, Revolver would like to present four of America’s most impressive generals, and four of its worst modern ones. Read more…

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