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“They Washed Blood of the Streets” After BLM Attack in Waukesha

Sunday evening in Waukesha, Wisconsin wasn’t supposed to end like this. The city’s Christmas parade was to proceed through Main Street as scheduled, with families lined up in chairs and blankets and warm drinks observing an annual ritual pass by. They watched as the youth dance team and the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies waved to the crowd. And then they saw the horror of an SUV mowing the procession down, killing five and injuring nearly 50. One witness described holding a little girl’s head in his hand as she was seizing and “bleeding out of her ears.”

Once the suspect, Darrell Brooks, Jr. was identified, the story became clear. Brooks was a career criminal (or a repeat offender, however you’d like to classify him), most recently accused of “running over the mother of his child with a vehicle in a gas station parking lot” on November 2. On November 5, he was charged with “second-degree recklessly endangering safety with domestic abuse assessments, disorderly conduct with domestic abuse assessments and felony bail jumping.” At the time of these offenses, he was already “on bail after being accused of shooting at his nephew in July 2020.”

In other words, Brooks had already attempted to kill his nephew and his baby’s mother. He was a flight risk and a danger to the community. On November 19, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office let him go on $1,000 bail.

Days later the firefighters were hosing down the blood off the streets. Read more…

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