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This Final Act of the Omnibus Monstrosity Is Truly Unbelievable

With the recent passage of Congress’ latest omnibus monstrosity, the government avoided a shutdown, and all it cost taxpayers was $1.7 trillion. What a deal, right?

Despite Republicans being just days away from taking control in the House, and with it, the power of the purse, a group of GOP senators joined hands with Democrats to sign off on Joe Biden’s agenda for the next ten months. It was just the latest betrayal of their voters, preceded by the passage of a gun control bill and a flawed bill to federalize gay marriage.

It wasn’t just the topline cost that was outrageous, though. Dives into the content of the spending package revealed mountains of wasteful spending, from funding LGBT “pride centers” to paying for pointless studies into whether Thanos could snap the universe out of existence (yes, that Thanos).

But this is the federal government we are talking about, and as ludicrous as things already were, you could always count on things getting dumber. Read more…

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